Instructions for use

Ready to take control?

Keen by HabitAware

Keen is a smart bracelet that provides knowledge of unconscious behavior so youcan take control.

  1. Download App

    AppleGet App and Information about Keen on habitaware.com/setup

    Apple: Requires minimum iPad4, iPod Touch 5. generation or iPhone 5, minimum IOS 9.3

    Android: Requires Android models supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and KitKat 4.4.

  2. Charge

    Use the USB connector to charge Keen for at least 2 hours before exercise.

    Flashes when charging and lights up condesant when charging is full.

    A full charge can last up to 24 hours depending on usage.

    Charge Keen at night so it’s ready for use every day.

  3. Put Keen on

    To ensure accurate motion detection, please wear Keen tightly around the wrist, always on the same wrist and in the same direction.

    You need to make sure this:

    Always wear Keen with the button pointing towards your fingers.

    Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and connected to Keen.

    Keen is splashy but not waterproof, so avoid bathing or swimming with Keen

  4. Train Keen

    Use the App to train Keen. It only takes a few minutes, but it’s important to do it right. Remember to watch the instruction allittle in the App and remember these important tips:

    Sit comfortably and hustle Keen in the position you usually do your behavior. It may be seated, complaceual or lying around.

    Start the training process with your hand in advance located on the surrounding area. Repeat your specific micro movement for 20-25 seconds.

    Train 1 movement first and become familiar with Keen for a few days before adding new movements.

    Once Keen is trained, Keen helps you pay attention to where your hands are.

    Keen does this himself and doesn’t have to be in constant proximity of the phone.

  5. Adjust settings

    Use the app to adjust Keen based on your preferences:

    You can change how sensitive Keen should be for your movements by tapping a trained motion and going into “Detection Settings”.

    Make Keen’s warnings weaker or stronger by tapping “manage” and going into “Vibration settings”.

    Snooze motion detection by setting the duration of the app and pressing the key in two vibrations to activate.

  6. Track your behavior

    You cannot change what you do not recognize

    Don’t worry. If you make your behavior press keen’s button to track it. Then, sync with the app to analyze your progress.

  7. Renew your brain

    Change is gradual. Focus in the first few weeks on building your Keen’s attention to you. Then, start retraining your subconscious behavior with healthier behavior.

    Keen’s charging light can also be used for a breathing guide. Press the Keen button through 3 vibrations (about 10 seconds) to initiate. The charging light will “breathe” in and out with you for a minute to help body and soul relax.

    Even false alarms play a role in helping you pay attention to your hands. Over time, you might be aware of your hands’ movements BEFORE Keen… it means it works!

    Thank you for your purchase of Keen. We welcome your journey towards attention and positive behaviour change. It will be hard work and we would like to assist you to ensure your success with Keen. If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to email us at support@device-house.com

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